Update: Call for Submissions

Call For Submissions


For the working title:
Adoptees Speak Out on Sealed and Falsified Birth Certificates

Seeking Adoptees (Domestic-USA and Intercountry) who are interested in publishing their views on how sealed and falsified birth certificates have affected them, and how they envision change. Essays will be accompanied with each contributing adoptee’s scanned images of their Original Birth Certificate (certified or uncertified) and their Amended Birth Certificate, and Final Order of Adoption, if available (with identifiers omitted, or not, your choice).

Donor-conceived and surrogate-born individuals are also encouraged to send in essays.

Guidelines: Nonfiction, first-person submissions must be between 1,000 to 6,000 words and must be submitted in Microsoft Word (double-spaced in 12-point Arial without any additional fonts or formatting).

Please include a brief, one to three paragraph author biography. Tell me, and our readers, about yourself.

Please email Identity Press via the Contact Form, or send submissions to:

doris michol sippel (at) gmail dot com

Deadline: ongoing

Target Publication Date: TBA

Identity Press will publish this book as a tool to educate the general public – especially policy makers – on the realities of the sealed and amended birth certificate problem in America and the world.

In view of New York State Governor Cuomo’s veto of the bad adoptee’s bill (that a good thing!), I’m extending deadline for submissions.